The Perfect Pitch was “born” from a combination of passion, inspiration and the desire to help others grow their business!

Sarah Bauling CEO
Chief Excitement Officer

With a background as Director of Sales and Marketing for her family business as well as being an accomplished professional speaker in South Africa, Sarah has led and trained her teams successfully in the sales arena. She knows first-hand how important the Perfect Pitch is.

“The pitch is not about selling…. It is about creating enough interest to lead to a meaningful conversation and THIS meaningful conversation is where the magic happens.”

Arriving in Australia in 2019 with her family, 8 bags, a 6-string guitar and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Sarah combined her speaker training with her passion for sales & marketing and the Perfect Pitch was born!

Sarah’s desire to see her clients to develop their skills, grow through nurturing and mentorship, and connect confidently with their prospects is what inspires her most.

Jennifer Bauling
Marketing Assistant Extraordinaire

Jennifer officially joined the Perfect Pitch Team in August 2023 on a part time basis.

Although still at school, Jen is energetic, enthusiastic and has a passion for learning, meeting new people and developing her own skills!

In her free time you will find her at gymnastics, cheer leading, or simply spending time with her family and loved ones.

No doubt when you reach out to the Perfect Pitch and “meet” Jennifer, you will enjoy her bubbly, warm and helpful personality