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What we say about The Perfect Pitch is one thing, what our clients, members and delegates say is what REALLY counts!

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Arthur – Gateway Financial Services
I just wanted to say thank you for your training in the Perfect Pitch Training Course over the last 4 days.
In my opinion it is one of the best value-for-money courses that I have done in many years.
I would be glad to personally recommend The Perfect Pitch to anybody that wants a personal opinion on the content and deliverables.

Paul – The LinkedIn Strategist
50% of my revenue increase in 2021 has been what I have learnt from attending the Perfect Pitch Course, Workshops and Perfect Pitch Academy.

Terry – CSGI
The Perfect Pitch Course is a practical, informative and enjoyable course designed to help you develop and deliver a pitch for any occasion. Delivered by Sarah with a passion for getting her attendees to deliver their best!

Kelli – Arbonne

Since joining the Perfect Pitch Academy in April 2020, I have experienced a massive shift in my confidence and ability to talk to groups of people. The weekly “Practice Your Pitch” session has allowed me to practice speaking as well as giving and receiving constructive

I cannot thank Sarah enough for giving me this sense of pride and ability to move forward in my career. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to develop confidence and improve their communication skills.

Yvette – Cartridge World Werribee

After becoming a business owner and joining a networking group, one of the members suggested that I do the Perfect Pitch 4 day course. I was hooked.

Sarah not only brings out the best in you but her suggestions are also tailored to your personality. I am quite quirky and love a joke so Sarah nurtured that side of me along with speeches and pitches to suit different intended audiences. Sarah has made me feel more confident in my pitches.

I am a member of The Perfect Pitch Academy where we have a lot of laughs and fun. Thanks Sarah you are amazing!

Cherie – The Raindrop Room
The Perfect Pitch Academy has been more than helping me perfect my pitch! I can now come up with pitches off the top of my head! The Perfect Pitch Academy has many ways that I can reach out for feedback, inspiration and reinforcement both from Sarah and other members. I am loving pitching with clarity, confidence and skill! Thank you, Sarah!

Catherine – Quilts by Catherine
I would like to thank Sarah for her assistance with helping me write my first few pitches. Sarah taught me how to stand and face a group of people without feeling overcome with fear and embarrassment.
I have always felt comfortable standing in the background of a group but now have the confidence to meet and greet which helps me with networking.
Thank you very much Sarah!

Melanie Botha – Amazon

Sarah Bauling conducted the “Perfect Pitch” training  with my Training and Certification team offsite. This was a diverse team ranging from Business Developers to Technical Trainers to Operations. Feedback from my team has been overly positive about the high impact she managed to make in a matter of an hour. She simply “Wow”ed them!

Tushar – E-store Factory

Sarah is very warm and generous with her knowledge and time. She has given me a framework that has changed the way I prepare a pitch and also stretched my repertoire to incorporate a variety of different pitch styles and types.