Learn the system of a Pitch Presentation Formula that took me from arriving in a new country with no contacts or clients and starting my business from scratch, to becoming the Go-To Authority in creating The Perfect Pitch.

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Hi, I’m Sarah Bauling

In this image It’s Friday the 29th Nov 2019 and my husband, 2 daughters and myself were about to board a one-way flight to Sydney Australia. Our immigration journey from South Africa was about to begin.

We had 8 bags, a 6-string guitar and although a little nervous, I had a heart full of dreams.

In South Africa I was the sales and marketing director of a successful tourism business, since 2012 I had been speaking and training on some of the largest stages alongside some of the greatest speakers on the African continent, and truth be told, there was a never a time that we went out and didn’t bump into someone we knew, or who knew me.

Suddenly here we were arriving in a foreign country – no friends, no family and no idea where we were going to live. On a professional side – I had no contacts, no clients and no credibility, in the land down under – people simply didn’t know me!

With a world class sales program under my belt and a passion for presenting and training I was ready to take the world (OK just Australia!) by storm!

And then ….. March 2020, the world changed. Borders closed, businesses changed and speaking and training opportunities came to an abrupt halt.

I knew I had to change direction, fast. With a passion for sales, the insights into how to successfully start conversations which could lead to amazing outcomes, and a true passion for helping small businesses, I took everything I knew and loved and created the Perfect Pitch Program and System.

In just 12 months from running my first online course with 4 enthusiastic delegates, I have personally grown my pitch academy, presented to thousands of business owners globally and know I have made a difference in so many business owners’ journeys.

And the best part is, the thing I am most proud of, is I walked my own walk and talked my own talk … with no connections, no clients and no credibility in a brand-new country with no friends or family close by, I look back and realise that every single liaison, conversation and connection I made was a result of a power packed 30 – 60 second pitch that led to where I am today.

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And now for the very first time ever, I am teaching The Perfect Pitch System in a live virtual event called “The Power Packed Perfect Pitch”– and I would love to invite you to join me!

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This presentation is for anyone who is ever asked to introduce themselves and their business.

It is for business owners who want to position themselves as a competent and confident expert in their area of expertise.

It’s for those in referral networking groups who need to ensure their messaging is clear and that you’re able to effectively engage your prospects consistently.

It is for anyone who knows that the door of opportunity could be opened when you are asked that one little question “Tell me who you are and what you do!”

During the Power Packed Perfect Pitch online virtual event I will share the exact formulae and framework that I have shared with thousands of business owners globally who have reaped rewards in their businesses as well as personally.

The Power Packed Perfect Pitch Presentation is a top-class, high-quality event and will be bought directly to your home through our virtual event platform.

And, it is an even better experience than if you were live with me in a training room, because you get to experience it without ever leaving your home and most importantly, no time away from your family and loved ones.

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At The Power Packed Perfect Pitch Presentation you will leave with:

A FRAMEWORK to create your perfect pitch.

A SYSTEM to ensure you have endless pitch ideas.

IDEAS on creating different types of pitches for different prospects.

SUGGESTIONS on creating exciting, engaging and fun pitches.

An UNDERSTANDING of the power of words.

A FORMULA for challenging pitching situations.

TECHNIQUES to deliver with confidence.

TIPS to get the best Return on Investment in any networking environment.

These combined, will give you CLARITY in your message, CONFIDENCE in your delivery, and the ability to CONNECT with your prospects.

Since 2020 The Perfect Pitch Program and System has helped thousands of business owners locally, nationally and globally, understand and implement their pitch as a way of connecting confidently with their prospects.

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To be 100% honest, if the ticket price to join me for a 90 min power packed session of The Perfect Pitch was valued at $997 it would be worth it many times over – just ask any of the business owners who are testament to the results they have achieved!

However, I am offering you the opportunity to attend this 90 min power packed session completely free of any charge whatsoever.

And for full transparency, the reason I am doing that is because once I have taught you what to do you may want to engage with me to work with you to help you implement everything, and if so, I would love nothing more than to add you to my list of client success stories.

Right now (as long as you act right now) you can secure your ticket to The Power Packed Perfect Pitch virtual online event for no cost, saving you hundreds of dollars on the event entry price.

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The Power Packed Perfect Pitch Presentation is a virtual event being broadcasted directly into your home through our virtual event platform.

I promise you a power packed 90 mins of incredible, world class pitch training that will boost your success throughout 2022 and beyond.

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I look forward to sharing my passion with you and meeting you virtually at the event.

Sarah Bauling