10 tips to spice up your pitch!

Have you ever delivered your pitch and thought “That was SO boring”?

Trust me – if YOU feel that way, your prospects likely feel the same!

How can you spice up your pitch; add some sizzle, and feel sensational after you have delivered your pitch?

Here are 10 quick tips to get you on your way!

  1. Take out the fluff: Spend some time going through your pitch and taking out “the fluff”. In other words – get to the heart of what you do.
  2. Keep it short: Look for ways to shorten those long, lengthy sentences. Is there a word that can replace a sentence? A well-known phrase that says a hundred words in just a few?
  3. Thesaurus: This is a “must have” tool when looking for new words.
  4. Get creative: Is there room for an alliteration? Alliterations are easy to say, easy to remember and easy to understand.
  5. Share a success story: Perhaps you can share a story (SHORT Story!), be it a success one of your clients has had; a win where a client has saved money / made money by utilizing you and your business.
  6. Ask a rhetorical question: Start off by asking a question, ensure it’s a definite YES question!
  7. Have fun: Enjoy the process of refreshing your pitch, as you go through the process you will come up with new and innovative ideas!
  8. Deliver with energy: This is up to YOU! Deliver with passion, enthusiasm and energy, you will feel so much better and your prospect will sense this!
  9. Time: Invest in time creating your pitch, it is the one tool you get to use over and over again – the time will be well spent!
  10. Practice and get feedback: Practice DOES make perfect! Practice your pitch on friends and family members and when you have it “in the bag” let the results speak for themselves!

If you are “Time poor” take just one element from the list each day, work it into your pitch and create a pitch that is spiced up, sizzles and feels sensational to deliver!