I’m looking for a man, any man will do!

Have you ever listened to a pitch and afterwards asked yourself “Who IS this person’s ideal prospect? Are they looking for me? They can’t possibly be looking for me!”

Let’s use the analogy of dating when pitching!


“I am looking for a man, any man will do!” REALLY?!!!

You may be looking for “a man that is tall, dark and handsome” – that eliminates half the prospects;

“A man who enjoys the outdoors and has a sense of adventure” – that eliminates a few more;

“A man who prefers romantic nights in, then those spent at the pub.” good news – you’re down to a few who FIT what you are looking for! (Of course the word man can be replaced with lady; partner or whatever term you’re comfortable with!).

The point being that by knowing WHO your ideal prospect is, and by asking for THAT client, you are likely to have a far better chance of getting your ideal client who needs what you do, as opposed to any prospect who doesn’t!


When you ask for ANYone, SOMEone, and EVERYone guess who will reach out and engage? NO-one!

Be specific so you can be terrific!

Remember if you are looking for “A man any man will do” the chances are you could miss the “one in a million” because he wasn’t sure if you were speaking to HIM!


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