If you’ve been contemplating the question “Why do I need a pitch” todays insights will give you 7 AND A HALF reasons why!

  1. By having the pitch ready you are able to get to the point, quickly and effectively.
  2. Your prospect is able to quickly establish if they want more info, or not!
  3. You come across as professional and prepared.
  4. Having gone through the process of your creating your perfect pitch, you know exactly who your ideal prospects, which allows you to have clarity on the value of the conversations you start having.
  5. You never know who or to whom your prospects are connected, what they may be looking for or if someone in their circle is looking for what you do, in which case they want they short version – easier for them to refer you to others if the “what you do” is able to be easily identified!
  6. By being prepared you are not caught off guard and can answer with ease.
  7. The Perfect Pitch is the opportunity to open meaningful conversations with the right people.

7 ½.   Having a Perfect Pitch allows you to look for opportunities as you are ready to create that first impression with ease!

If you are keen to connect quickly, coming across as professional and start having meaningful conversations that convert, I would love you to reach out to me to see how I can help you!