How often do you deliver a generic pitch and HOPE for the best?

By creating specific pitches for specific customer types, you are able to connect with the right prospects at the right time!

I call it a “Customer Avatar Focused Pitch” and it is powerful beyond measure.


One of my industry colleagues called me – “She was brain dead, at her wits end. She was delivering her pitch each week at her Referral Networking Groups, and she was not receiving a single bite.”

I can sympathize with her because she is not alone in this struggle.

I worked with her 1 on 1 for an hour, we created her ideal Customer Avatar and created a pitch around this.

“Let’s hope for the best” were her words as we parted ways that morning.

3 hours later I received a call from her – “IT WORKED!!!!!!” Not only had she garnered the attention of those in the room by completely changing her pitch, one of the “Customer Avatars” she had focused on, had not only reached out to her – but he had also placed a significant order of her product! She was over the moon, and I will admit – so was I – I knew it would work, all she had to was follow the process! She did and she generated a new client!


How do YOU create a Customer Avatar to ensure Your Perfect Pitch resonates with the right people at the right time?


  1. Identify your Ideal Customer.
  2. If you are in Referral Networking Group, go through your trade sheet and pick out industries that you are wanting to reach that week.
  3. If you are in a “once off” setting, do some research and identify which offering / service within your portfolio is likely to be needed by those in attendance.
  4. PICK One – we are tempted to try and get everyone on board – but pick just ONE!

Create your customer Avatar by answering these questions:

  1. Who are they? You could even get as specific as writing down the NAMES of those you would like to reach out to you.
  2. What specific product / service is relevant to them?
  3. What are the greatest challenges they have?
  4. How does your offering solve their challenges?
  5. In terms of your credibility – is there a testimonial / win that you can share that one of your clients in their industry has achieved by using you / your products / offerings?
  6. What would be the easiest way for THEM to get in touch with you? Email, phone, Text message? Remember you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do business with you! MAKE IT EASY

Create your Perfect Pitch based on your Customer Avatar:

  1. Work through the 7 key foundational elements of creating The Perfect Pitch Perfect Pitch Toolbox
  2. Use words that are familiar to them.
  3. Use language that they will understand that will resonate with them.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Deliver with confidence, smile and be enthusiastic!

Does it take time to create a Customer Avatar and then create a pitch around that avatar? Absolutely YES!

But would you rather waste time delivering a pitch and “hoping for the best” (hope is not a strategy!!!) or is the time and effort worth the meaningful conversation, the leads and the business?

Enjoy creating your Customer Avatar and creating a pitch that speaks to them, that connects with them, that brings them to “your door”.