Presenting your pitch deck may feel a little daunting.

This is the moment you have been working towards. Your idea is about to become a reality – you just need to DELIVER to a VC, an Angel, or Potential Investor, what can you DO to ensure you deliver the best presentation of your life?

Not everyone is a professional speaker, what you ARE is a professional in what you do!

5 tips to apply when presenting your pitch deck

  1. Breathe: This sounds crazy, but often people are so nervous they don’t breathe. Your sentences won’t run smoothly, and you are likely to speed up to reach the end as quickly as possible! Take a deep breath before you begin, smile, settle and start!
  2. Slow down: Rushing through your presentation is a sure sign of nerves! Chances are your prospect can’t keep up! Pause, allow your prospect to digest the information you have shared. Don’t rush it and allow your prospect to “enjoy the journey!”
  3. Know your equipment: When Presenting Live / Audience in the room ensure you know how the AV Equipment works, arrive early to test your PowerPoint, if you are using a memory stick on someone else’s laptop make sure the fonts you have chosen don’t change once it runs off their machine this can take an exceptional presentation to pretty awful!
  4. Be comfortable on the platform you are working on: Zoom, Go to Meetings, Skype, Google Meet, the options are endless. If YOU have set up the meeting set it up on a platform that YOU are familiar with. If THEY set up the meeting on a platform you are not familiar with make it a priority to GET familiar. Open an account, practice with friends and family, know how to share the screen – you want to be in control of your presentation.
  5. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: Ensure that you practice your pitch, check your timing, make sure you have included the important points, that they are concise yet take your prospect on a journey.

Presenting your Pitch Deck is one of the key steps on your journey. Ensure you are “Pitch Ready”. Ready to deliver with confidence, Ready to deliver with clarity.

If you need coaching in this area I would love you to reach out to us so we can get you Pitch Ready!