How many times have you been asked “What do you do?” And when you think about how you have answered that, what has been the outcome?

A stammered response? You are likely to have had NO outcome – as in NO business!

A crafted response that is clear and succinct? You are likely to have had a meaningful conversation with prospects who want to connect and converse with you!

If you DO NOT have a short succinct reply on hand you are missing out on opportunities – every single day. Let this be the last day this happens to you!


If you do not have a well-crafted response, and perhaps you are saying “this is not my forte or calling in life” I get you to because I work with people like you every single day.

What I have seen is those very people who “are not natural” put time, effort and energy into their pitch and more importantly I have seen them get results – often instantly!

The last thing you want is to avoid “networking situations” because “you don’t have a pitch” or “I don’t like pitching”. How many opportunities are you missing out on? Plenty – I can guarantee you of that! This is easily remedied.

If you know what to say, how to say it and when to say it – delivering your Perfect Pitch opens the door for heaps of opportunities!

If you DO have a well-crafted response you have more chance of your prospect wanting to get more info which may lead to close of business right there, closing of business at a later stage OR being able to refer you to someone who needs your offering.

You may have the “Gift of the gab” and being able to rattle off a pitch is “easy” and if this is you – I get you – completely – as this is ME!

The truth is, and the lesson I learnt when pitching, is when you create something that is easy to share right “off the bat” your chances of connecting with your perfect prospect is so much more successful and “the gift of the gab” can still be easily drawn on as you answer questions and engage with the person in front of you.

So whether you are a “natural” or a “Oh my golly I cant do this” type of person – I invite you to reach out to me so I can work with you to create magic OR simply Refresh, Refine and Revamp your pitch!