Have you ever played a game of cards?

How often have you received your hand and thought “this is not the hand I was hoping to get”,
Or, “if I had  better hand I could win the game” or perhaps you have simply folded?

I often say that pitching is like playing a game of cards.

What does the win look like for you?
It could be starting a meaningful conversation with a prospect.
It could be getting that “perfect” referral.
It may even be knowing that when you deliver you look like the competent and confident expert that you are!

Let’s be honest – you need the ACE

….. and the good news IS, is that you can establish if you have the ACE before “the hand is dealt”

Ask yourself if your pitch has the ACE status…
Does it
ARTICULATE your message?
COMMUNICATE what you do?
EDUCATE your audience on who you would like to do business with?

Once you have ACED your pitch you are in a position to “win the game”!

I love working with business owners so that you  don’t need to not play the pitching hand you are dealt, but rather create and develop the hand you WANT!

If you are ready to take your pitching to  ACE status I encourage you to join me at the next Power Packed Perfect Pitch so you can achieve the ACE with ease!