Finding the “Good Stuff” to include in your Perfect Pitch is a like baking a Choc Chip Cookie…..

The analogy I use when coaching on how to create The Perfect Pitch is that of baking a choc chip cookie.

  • You have all the ingredients to make a Giant Choc Chip Cookie – this is what your company does and all the details.
  • You put everything into a giant mixing bowl and mix it up – these are the 7 key elements.
  • You then roll it out into one GIANT cookie – this is the moment you realize your choc chip cookie is too big to fit in the oven – i.e. the moment you realize “this ain’t gonna fit into a 30 second pitch”
  • Please note at this stage you want to keep the good bits – the choc chips!
  • You remove some of the dough, re-roll, reconsider – This is still too big.
  • REPEAT above steps!

Every time you Remove, Re-roll, Reconsider and Repeat, you are removing the dough but keeping the choc chips. Of course in keeping the choc chips, there is more of the “good stuff” (choc chips) and less of the dough.

What makes up the dough?

  1. Conjunctions – eg: the unnecessary ‘ands, buts and ifs’
  2. Filler words – eg: ‘um, ah and so’
  3. Lengthy explanations – eg: “Our chickens are from farms where chickens live the good life, they are able to wander around in large areas and fed the best chicken food” can easily become “Our chickens are cage free and grain fed.” (26 words taken into 8 words)

When you go through the process of dismantling and rebuilding your elevator pitch you 1) get rid of unnecessary words, 2) avoid wasting time with filler words and 3) are able to get creative by shortening lengthy sentences.

The chocolate chips are the good stuff so Remove, Re-roll and Reconsider until you get the perfectly sized choc chip cookie FILLED with plenty of choc chips!

If you are keen to accelerate this process and join me at the Power Packed Perfect Pitch online virtual event or please reach out to me! I would love to help YOU find YOUR choc chips!


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