How often have you arrived at a networking event, delivered a pitch and HOPED it was good enough?

The truth is, when it comes to pitching HOPE is not a strategy!

If you actually consider the dollar value of your pitch:

  • Are you making every second count?
  • Are you getting the response you were hoping for?
  • Or are you wondering HOW to deliver a pitch that packs a punch?


Let’s have a quick look at the cost of delivering your pitch:

$1250 Annual fee to belong to a networking organisation

$120  Monthly fee to attend your networking organisation

4    Meetings per month:          

45 second Pitch 


$2690 Total annual cost to arrive and deliver a 45 second pitch


Cost per 45 second pitch : $56 per pitch


That works out to over a dollar PER SECOND for you to deliver your pitch……


That is A LOT of dollars per second do you agree?

Trust me when I first looked at that I actually checked and double checked and triple checked the amount!

This is WHY it is essential that every single pitch you deliver is worth at least $56 dollars!

Do you agree that at $56 per pitch you want it to be prepared, practiced and polished so by the time you get to present it you are ready to make every second count?

This is exactly what we do at the Perfect Pitch Academy.

If you are ready to make every second count join me at the next Power Packed Perfect Pitch Online Event BEFORE you put another $56 on the “pitching table”

Simply click the ink, register and arrive! The Power Packed Perfect Pitch


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