You have spent time, effort and energy in creating Your Perfect Pitch….. it is READY!

Ultimately, once you have delivered your pitch there are 4 potential desired outcomes:

  1. You want to generate more leads.
  2. You want to gather details to build your database.
  3. You would like others to be able to refer you with ease.
  4. Lead to meaningful conversations that will ultimately close more deals!

REMEMBER! Delivering a 30 second pitch is not about closing the deal right there and then….. The 30 second pitch LEADS to meaningful conversations and THIS is where the magic happens!

Let’s think about this for a moment…. How do conversations happen? It is generally started off with a statement (your pitch) which leads to questions, which are answered which may lead to more questions or a discussion, potential idea sharing and possible collaborations.

Your Perfect Pitch needs to be strong, well prepared and delivered with confidence so that this “conversation journey” can begin!

When answering questions there are 5 potential TRAPS that you could fall into:

  1. Giving to much information – your prospect may lose interest.
  2. Giving to little information – your prospect may think you are not interested!
  3. Confusing your prospect – they are likely to pull back as no-one wants to look “stupid”
  4. Avoiding the question all together – your prospect will wonder if you actually KNOW the answer!
  5. Filling the reply with filler words – um, ahs, and basically not getting to the point – your prospects trust level is likely to drop.

 In the same way that you have invested time into creating Your Perfect Pitch, Preparing the Perfect answers is just as important!

 How do you prepare for “the questions that follow?”

  1. Prepare a list of potential questions you may be asked. These could be questions you are asked on a regular basis, or questions that could arise after you have delivered Your Perfect Pitch.
  2. Create short succinct answers that “get to the point” and ANSWER the question on hand.

The great part of going through this process is it gives you the opportunity to solidify WHAT you do and HOW you can help your potential clients!

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