In my last article I shared the dollar value of a 45 second pitch. (Read here!)

Did that figure of $56 per pitch surprise you? I am sure it got you thinking!

I had some interesting reactions and some great conversations that followed, with that I thought let’s looks at the same topic but from a different angle…

What is the cost of not perfecting your pitch?

  • The cost of not having clarity in your message
  • The cost of not coming across as the competent expert that you are
  • The cost of not connecting with your ideal prospect…

Only you can put a dollar value on the actual cost of not perfecting your pitch, but ultimately it comes down to:

  • The contacts you didn’t make
  • The conversations you didn’t have and
  • The business you didn’t garner

The cost of not getting your pitch right is essentially the business you are leaving on the table every single time you pitch….

Do you agree that the cost of inaction can be quite costly?

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