Have you ever listened to a pitch and afterwards asked yourself “Who IS this person’s ideal prospect”?

Companies that have a broad portfolio of offerings often fall into this trap.

When they list the services they offer it becomes a bit of a “shopping list”…. “we have large homes, small homes, flats, apartments, duplexes, simplexes. If you are looking to buy, rent or sell, whether you are local form overseas or looking for something for retirement, an office, a “fix me up” or a “tear me down” AND…….. ” the list continues.

There is a good chance that your prospect lost you on the 2nd “item” of your list.

Let’s use the analogy of dating!

“I am looking for a man, any man will do!” REALLY?!!!

You may be looking for “a man that is tall, dark and handsome” – that eliminates half the prospects;

“A man who enjoys the outdoors and has a sense of adventure” – that eliminates a few more;

“A man who prefers romantic nights in, than those spent at the pub.” good news – you’re down to a few who FIT what you are looking for! (Of course the word man can be replaced with lady; partner or whatever term you’re comfortable with!).

The point being that by knowing WHO your ideal prospect is, and by asking for THAT client, you are likely to have a far better chance of getting your ideal client who needs what you do, as opposed to any prospect who doesn’t!

If your business has a large portfolio of services the tip is to ensure you know who you are speaking to and share the part of your portfolio that resonates with that prospect / audience.

How do you know which segment refers to your prospect / audience? There are 3 ways to do this with ease:

  1. On a one on one “first time meeting” allow the other person to introduce themselves first – this allows you to place them in the right category and focus on that.
  2. If you are in a face to face networking environment LISTEN to what other say about others in the room. If someone hands you a business card look at it before you launch into your pitch!
  3. If you are at an industry related event (online / face to face) take note of who is attending and how many potential prospects fall into a specific category and focus on that!

Remember if you are looking for “A man any man will do” the chances are you could miss the “one in a million” because he wasn’t sure if you were speaking to HIM!

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