I often share articles and posts on why it is important to create pitches that focus on a specific product, service or offering and I am a big believer in doing this. There are however times where a “General” pitch is needed.

When would you need a General pitch?

  • If you are in a once off networking environment.
  • If you are unaware of who is in the audience (I would suggest however that you always do your research!)
  • If the audience is diverse with an array of prospects who may be interested in an array of your products, services or offerings.

The advantage of a General Pitch is you have the opportunity to showcase your portfolio.

The challenge of a General Pitch is that you have a lot to cover in a limited amount of time.

How do you create a General Pitch?

What do you offer? As an example I offer coaching in 3 areas: Creating the Perfect Pitch (which is where my focus on this forum lies); Creating Showcases that Sizzle (Speaker and Presentation training); as well as Telephone Etiquette and Sales Training.

How do you define the culmination of what you do? For me – in a general pitching space I would define myself as a Business Communication Strategist.

What are the challenges in the culmination of what you do? For me – this would be communicating effectively in referral networking spaces; creating longer presentations where one can showcase products; and ensuring that staff are effective when dealing with clients on the telephone.

What are the benefits of someone working with you? For me – this would be that I understand the impact these 3 areas can have overall on the business AND although they are all different they are in fact connected.

As you can see this is a very differently constructed pitch than if I was simply focusing on one of my 3 areas of expertise.

What are the challenges and how to you get around these?

  1. Limited time, more to say…… to get around this you need to define in just a few words:
  2. WHAT you offer;
  3. HOW you position yourself (your title as an example);
  4. OVERALL challenges;
  5. OVERALL benefits.

Of course these elements are then combined using the 7 key foundational elements of creating “The Perfect Pitch”

Interestingly, it takes more time to create a General Perfect Pitch than it does to create a Focused Perfect Pitch!

Is it WORTH investing time in creating a General Perfect Pitch? Absolutely without a doubt. There is a time and place for General Pitches and when created effectively, can have a positive impact on your business.

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