Have you attended networking events here and there, looked back and said,
“Networking doesn’t work for my business!”?

The reality is, networking is the ideal place and space to build and grow your network, and ultimately your business, but you need to “work” it!
It is called net-WORKING, not net-sitting, or net-drinking and thus a plan and strategy is essential.

As an “Avid Networker”, planning my networking strategy for the year is my favourite “to do”!



Here are my “3 Top Tips” to help you prepare your networking strategy for 2023:

1) Identify networking organisations that attract your ideal client.
Do you agree there’s no point in attending fashion networking events if financial planners are your ideal audience?

2) Identify when their events are coming up.
Do they meet weekly, monthly or quarterly and do the dates and times actually work for you?

3) Commit to actively attending their events.
Have you diarised and registered for their upcoming events?


This year I have committed to 3 amazing, networking organisations:

• Their members and guests are my ideal audience.
• One meets weekly, one meets twice a month, and one meets quarterly.
• I am focussed, dates are diarised and I cannot wait to strengthen and continue building relationships through networking!


If you are looking for great networking organisations, reach out to me, I am happy to help you identify networking opportunities that will work for you and your business.

Reach out!

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