What’s this THING about pitching?

Who needs a pitch?

EVERYONE needs a pitch!!!

Whether you are a business owner, part of a sales and marketing team, or an employee who is NOT in sales you ALL need a pitch!


How often are you asked who you are and what you do?

Pretty often right?


So lets talk about the “THING” that hampers our conversations when we asked “The Question”

Often business owners will give to much info – it’s a passion THING!

Sales and marketing folk will make it to complicated – it’s an “I understand all the ins and outs” THING!

Non sales and marketing people – well maybe it’s not “your” THING!

The THING about having a pitch is this:

T – give you the opportunity to THINK so you’re not thrown off your game!

H – you HAVE something to say to avoid feeling awkward

I – you are able to create INTEREST

N – you can build your NETWORK

G – you can GROW your business

Do you agree that whether you think pitching is your THING or not – the THING about having a pitch is it allows you to connect and collaborate with others!

If you need to sort out “This pitching THING” let’s chat!