Why do I actually NEED a Pitch?

Surely people will just buy into ME – I’m FABULOUS!!!!

I have no doubt you are AWESOME and what you do is AMAZING, however this message needs to be shared with your prospect effectively and in a way that encourages them to engage with you.

Creating a Perfect Pitch allows you to connect with the right person at the right time….

How often have you met someone and asked them what they DO?

And the reverse, how often has someone asked you what YOU do?

Being able to answer this question succinctly is a skill and in essence this 30 -40 second pitch can lead to wonderful and magical outcomes!

Here are 10 reasons why you need a pitch:

  1. Opportunities are there – sometimes at the most unexpected times: You never know when you may meet someone where these is an opportunity to introduce your business.
  2. You create an immediate impression: As a professional in what you do you ultimately want to create the right impression from the “get go” as this 30 seconds will allow them to get an immediate impression of you and your business and whether they see you as “professional”.
  3. It allows other to refer you with ease: The person you are meeting may not need the product, service or offering you have on the table, but they may know someone who does! A Clear pitch allows them to refer you with ease.
  4. If you’re not clear, they will be confused! If you know what you do but can not share this with others how will they be able to take the next step and engage with / refer you?
  5. There are more opportunities today to pitch than ever before: We are STILL living in an online world where you have more opportunities than ever to attend networking events and showcase your product – never let an opportunity slip by!.
  6. It saves not wastes time: If you “speak off the top of your head” you may miss key elements in your offering that can be the difference between someone wanting more or realising there is no synergy. (Thus not wasting you / their time.)
  7. This is where the magic happens: An interesting pitch leads to meaningful conversations and this is where the magic happens.
  8. You don’t stumble! By being prepared you are able to deliver your pitch with ease and not stumble and fumble through it.
  9. You don’t feel awkward / avoid the question – this serves nobody!
  10. It is a skill that can be applied in many areas of your business i.e. the creation of short succinct sales collateral, wording on your website, socials, brochures.

Do you need a pitch? EVERYONE needs a pitch!

If you are needing to create Your Perfect Pitch from scratch, or Refresh, Refine and Revamp your pitch I invite you to reach out to me so we can create YOUR Perfect Pitch, one that is FABULOUS – Just like you