As an expert in your space you will have seen others in the same place as the prospect standing in front of you.

“Where am I now and where am I going?” These questions are likely to be in your prospects mind as you are presenting your pitch.

You will have seen other customers who arrived, perhaps, with the same challenges and concerns.

And more importantly, you know what the “final result” looks like.

When you think back to the successes you have had I am sure you have seen, heard and felt the reactions of satisfaction from your clients.


What does the journey look like? Where are they now and where are they going? Let’s take an investment property as an example:

Where am I now? Often people THINK they know where they are! UNTIL you prompt them. “Are you thinking of investing in property?” a simple question that may get them thinking…. “Mmm I wasn’t, but now you mention it, maybe I am!”

Where am I going?  This is the picture you want them to “see”. You are able to draw on past clients experiences and THEIR end results .

Other examples… First time home buyers “Imagine moving from your parents home, to a home of your own that you decorate and furnish as you want!”

Those wanting to downsize: “We move you from a huge, empty next into something cosy that suits your needs”

Those with a growing family “With us we are able to find you the home where you as a family can work, play and grow!”

When I present to a potential prospect a couple of phrases I would share may be: “I move you from the fears of presenting, to be being in a position where you present with confidence and clarity”; “Creating The Perfect Pitch does not just introduce you to a potential customer, it CONNECTS you with the right people at the right time.”

Take a look at your pitch? What opportunities are there to “share journey” with your prospects? Where are they now? And where are they going?

Taking your prospects on a journey gives THEM a clear picture of what you do and What’s in it for them!