You have created the Perfect Pitch – this is the one piece of “Marketing collateral” that you have invested time, effort and energy into – What next?

Just as the Perfect Pitch is one that connects you to the right people at the right time PHYSICALLY, there are other opportunities to utilize the Perfect Pitch within your other marketing and promotional material.

In essence the very things that are covered in creating Your Perfect Pitch relate to your business directly.

  • Who you are;
  • What do you do;
  • What challenges do your prospects have;
  • What solutions you have for these challenges;
  • How your prospects benefits from utilizing you / your product / service;
  • What makes you unique;
  • The invitation for them to engage further.

Here are 10 areas where you can utilize Your Perfect Pitch in other spaces:

  1. Your LinkedIn profile
  2. Your Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  3. Your website – About us” section
  4. Your brochures / printed marketing collateral
  5. Within your emailing campaigns (be it at the beginning or end of your mailers)
  6. Exhibition “exhibitor profile” when exhibiting at shows / exhibitions / workshops
  7. When applying for Podcast Interviews
  8. When applying for Radio Interviews
  9. Included in the content of Newspaper / Magazine Interviews / articles
  10. When you are being introduced on stage (be it the Platform / Television interviews, Podcasts, Radio)

The principles of how to connect with your prospects effectively is, in essence the same verbally and written. You may need to tweak it a little here and there, but the concept and the principles remain the same!

Each week – take some time to identify an area where you can use your Perfect Pitch wording and start creating and applying this to your relevant collateral!

If you come up with any other places and spaces to utilize your Perfect Pitch I would love you to share this with me!