The Company Title is the first slide in Your Perfect Pitch Deck – it needs to create an impact…

This is the FIRST slide your potential investors, VC’s and Angels see.

It need to be simple, it needs to create a GREAT First impression and it needs to capture the attention of your “potentials” immediately!

They say you only have one chance to create a first impression…. And they are right!!!

Although I specialize in the PRESENTATION of your pitch deck, we need to be mindful that prospects SEE before they hear.

Your Company title slide SETS the mood. Before you have even opened your mouth an opinion has been formed!

Just as you may be inclined to share as much as possible as quickly as possible, the truth is, you want there to be a complete sense of clarity without the FLUFF. When that slide comes onto the screen you want to ensure you have your prospects complete and undivided attention! THAT is the purpose of the TITLE Slide.

How can you create a strong visual impression? Your logo – A boring logo may set their minds into “boring” mode. Your logo needs to capture the essence of what you do! Is it worth investing in a logo? YES – this is one of the first visual impressions you are giving!

How many words should be on the slide? You may be inclined to over share! DON’T!!! Keep it simple! 5 – 7 words that GET TO THE POINT! Your slogan needs to cover WHY this Invention / Creation has “market value”. If your prospects are not buying into it they will not “raise their hand” to put money towards it no matter how good the rest of your presentation is!

The slide is up, your journey has begun (you may be feeling a little nervous!!!!) so how do you PRESENT this first slide? Present the slide with PRIDE!

This is YOUR logo, this is YOUR slogan, this is YOUR moment to shine.

Before you even start uttering a word, breath in, breath out, smile and OWN the moment!

If you are ready to invest in coaching in this area, I would love you to reach out to us so we can get you Pitch Ready!