Just like that 2023 is upon us! As we wrap up our festivities and head back to work are you ready to Generate more Leads; Convert more Clients; and Make more Money?

When it comes to pitching I have often heard the same people delivering the same pitch, not just week in and week out, but year in and year out as well…. The truth is your prospects “tune out” as they know what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it and they are not as engaged as they should be.

Now is the time to make your pitch relevant, and being the first week of the year – you have the opportunity to make it 2023 relevant!

Every time you pitch there is an opportunity to connect with the right people and you don’t want to waste these opportunities.

Why is this important?

  1. You don’t want your prospects to tune out.
  2. You want your prospects to be engaged.
  3. You do not want to miss out on any opportunities.

 How do you make your pitch 2023 relevant?

  1. You need to make it interesting.
  2. It needs to be relevant to your business and your prospects.

 Where is a good place to start when planning your 2023 pitches?

Consider your business and your ideal clients for a moment…. What do you offer and how do they benefit? How can this be made relevant to the start of a new year?

  • As a business coach the focus can be starting the year with a clear plan.
  • As a Health and Wellness professional starting the year with your wellness goals top of mind (as it is for so many people) having a plan and someone who can hold you accountable is invaluable.
  • As a service provider – this is the time of the year to ensure your clients have the right systems and procedures in place to ensure they have an effective business year.

With anything – no matter what it is that you offer – your clients need to START somewhere! Although they can in essence start anytime – the new year is a great time for them to think about it. They are feeling refreshed, they are ready to tackle the year, and if they’re not ready to tackle the year YOU may be the one who can help them start off on the front foot!

What can you get your prospects to DO when pitching?

  • You can ask them to write down a business / personal goal that relates to your business. Of course, this needs to be relevant to what you offer!
  • Then – share how they / their business can benefit by using you, your products or services.
  • Make it short, make it clear and make it easily understood!

And now? Start creating your 2023 pitch! Have fun, enjoy the process and LOVE the results of generating more lades, converting more clients and ultimately making more money for 2023!